We are a club that enjoys building and flying  radio controlled model aircraft. Our club airport is located a few miles northwest of Surprise, AZ.  We have been active here since 1986.


Club Officers

Board of Directors

President: Al Pilon Phone: 623-512-7607  Email: pilon2173@cox.net

Vice President: Jim Allen Phone: 480-688-4789 Email: jamesea1@earthlink.com

Secretary: Roy Andrassy Phone: 403-805-9520 Email: royandrassy@shaw.ca 

Treasurer: Danny Gayhart Phone: 602-999-5687 Email: gayhartdc@netzero.net

Membership Director: Steve Mascari Phone: 901-289-3356 Email: semascari@gmail.com

Safety Officer: Randy Bronson Phone: 805-732-0625 Email: randyfishman916@gmail.com

Flight Trainer/Instructor: Steve Miller Phone: 623-640-6662 Email: stevemiller1@cox.net